All media are constructed. Mainstream media are constructed usually with the intent of entertaining, selling or informing. When we break apart these media we see how influential they are too our young people and the glaring issues they present. So much of these media are missing voices of race, economic class, sexual identity and diversity of opinion.

Social change begins with education. I decided several years ago that developing a critical understanding of media should be a core component of public education. I incorporate media, information and digital literacy into the education work that I do. This includes understanding and using a variety of media production tools.

As the Emerging Technology Instructor for the Cambridge Public School District, I am involved with many projects at various levels of the schools. I develop and teach courses in digital media and web technology to high school students. I support the use of technology in K-12 curriculum by offering consulting and training to teachers and students.

As production coordinator for Cambridge Educational Acess TV, I coordinate after-school youth media production programs for elementary and high school students such as media journalism, sports media, radio broadcast and music production. I also Create workshops for parents and teachers on social media and web technology.

Remix Project by one of my students

I get to challenge young people to critically engage with the media that we see every day. I ask them to write about it and to create their own media projects. I use concepts like remix and mashup to teach complex topics like copyright and fair use.

I have been recognized several times for my leadership in the area of educaiton.

▪ Instructor of the Year – CCTV, 2009
▪ Instructor of the Year – CCTV, 2006
▪ Overall Excellence in Educational Access, Hometown Video Festival, 2008

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