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I am currently working on a 10 minute documentary that will be available in July 2011. I'm experimenting with balloon mapping in this doc. In addition, I have been providing media consultation to the Flocks team.



In 2006, I created a six week curriculum for a small production team to create a short documentary based on a specific location in Cambridge. The class has been wildly successful and is currently filling up regularly. Above is the first project that the class I taught created. This short documentary explores the impact of Ferranti-Dege, a Harvard Square photography store, on the community. Through interviews with Mr. Tony Ferranti, the owner, and loyal customers, the video demonstrates how the rise of digital photography and unusually high rent forced this valuable community resource to close its doors after 50 years.


Citizen Journalism: From Pamphlet to Blog

In 2004, Cambridge Community Television hosted a 3-month documentary production course that resulted in this short documentary on Citizen Journalism. I helped write, tape and edit the documentary. The Project Documentary team included: Jason Crow, Shaun Clarke, Darcie Deangelo, Amy Mertl, Buz Owen, Jason Ong, myself and Mayana Leocadio.

The film features interviews with talking heads from the blogging world - including Ethan Zuckerman of Global Voices - discussing, among other things, how newspapers have gone through major cost-cutting exercises as their revenues are leeched by sites like Craigslist.

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