I don't get nearly as much time to create music as I used to but I still love to experiment with new tools. Soundcloud is a great music discovery and sharing resource. The iphone and other iOS devices have open many new doors to music produciton. I've been experimenting with apps like sunvox and Bebot. I started sequencing and recording on my PC in 1996 using SAW32 and a Creative Soundblaster card. I now use Reason, Reaper, Garageband, ProTools, SoundTrack and several others.

It really took off in 1998 when Brian Aldrich, Chris Carney, Paul Null and myself started jamming at a party and created a band called Spank Attack. We played at other parties and had several gigs at venues around the boston area. Our only recordings are are from my minidisc recorder, and the two live tracks that friends recorded below. Paul left the band and we became Bedlam Well for a while. It just wasn't the same. Julie Chen joined us and we brought back the spank. The band completely disbanded in 2003 when Brian and Chris left Boston.

I've been playing and producing music since 1997. Mostly just for fun, but I do create music for my video productions as well. Below are some tracks from the band days and several of my own creations.

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Old School (2001-2007) by frogmatter


Spank Attack (2000) by frogmatter

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